There are some wonderful online books that offer useful information for mystery, suspense and thriller writers, and best of all they’re free. Such as the following book that offers a comprehensive overview on fingerprints.

The Fingerprint Sourcebook (2011)

This 422-page manual, published by the National Institute of Justice, originated in 2002 when a […]

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In A Lawyer’s Primer for Writers: From Crimes to Courtrooms, we cover a variety of topics, including the history of trials, players in the courtroom, jury experts, types of lawyers, lawyers and technology, trial preparation for civil and criminal trials, and much more.

Today, […]

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The following excerpt is from the chapter on private investigators, many of whom work with attorneys, from the nonfiction book A Lawyer’s Primer for Writers: From Crimes to Courtrooms. Below are three writers’ questions & our answers about PIs, lawyers and the police.

Are PIs and Cops Compatible?

We see PI-cop conflicts all the time in books, TV […]

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The 1949 classic film Adam’s Rib starred Katharine Hepburn, Spencer Tracy, Judy Holliday and Tom Ewell. George Cukor, a close friend of Hepburn and Tracy, directed this courtroom comedy about husband and wife attorneys (Spencer and Hepburn) who are on opposite sides of a criminal prosecution: Hepburn is defending a woman who shot her husband; Tracy is the […]

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I love private eye characters, stories and film as much as the next guy or gal…but sometimes I groan out loud when a writer doesn’t bother to do a bit of research to add at least a whiff of realism to a private investigator’s actions. After co-owning a PI agency and having the honor to […]

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With the current frenzy of politicians vying to be nominees for the Republican and Democratic parties’ bids for the presidency, I’m sharing a post about a job I had in 1979 when I accidentally fell into the midst of Ronald Reagan’s inner circle, who later became his first cabinet. This was on the eve of […]

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People Usually Weigh 50 Pounds More…

Than the number they put on their drivers’ licenses. That was one of the first things I learned.

I learned other things at coroners’ conferences, too. Some facts were far more depressing, while others were more enlightening, than the driver’s-license-weight thing. But let me digress for a moment—this […]

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As it’s the last few days before Christmas, below is a virtual basket of goodies.  Happy holidays!

Free App: 101 Christmas Cake Ideas (for iPhone, iPad, iPod)

Free App: Christmas Radio (for Android)

Free App: Santa’s Bag – Christmas List (for iPhone, iPad, iPod)

Free App: TripIt – […]

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