Shaun and Colleen, married PI team (image is copyrighted)

What is it like being a married private-eye team? In the ten years experience my husband and I owned a private detective agency, we found it to be fun.  These days, my husband is focused on his law practice, and I on my writing (although I still occasionally take a P.I. case), and although we enjoy our current careers, sometimes we miss those days when we working investigative cases side by side.

Our Strengths and Weaknesses

We’ve been running our investigations business long enough that we understand how the other likes to work, what our strengths and weaknesses are. When we first opened the investigations agency, there were a sizable number of people who called and assumed I was the secretary, but I’d politely let them know that I was one of the PIs, as well as the co-owner of the agency, and we both took phone messages for the other.

We talk about being a PI team more at our “sistuh site” Guns, Gams, and Gumshoes in a recent blog “He Said, She Said: Pros and Cons of Being Married to Your PI Partner” — click here to read it.

A local newspaper ran a story about us several years ago. It was a kick hanging with the reporter, although when she didn’t get some of our sixties and seventies references, we realized we’re, well, growing older. To read “For These Married Detectives, Truth is More Fun Than Fiction” (the reporter picked that title, and she’s right…it is more fun), click here.

We’ve gotten to know a few other married PI-team couples over the years, such as Jimmie and Rosemarie Mesis who, besides running their own investigations business, also are publishers of Professional Investigator Magazine. If you’re a writer developing a sleuth character or story, consider buying a subscription to this online/print magazine — articles are mostly written by professional private investigators on a wide variety of pertinent topics. Plus there are sections about internet resources, investigative tips and gadgets, legal issues affecting the investigative industry. If you don’t want a year subscription, you can also purchase a single issue.

Over the past few years, we have also become acquainted with another married PI-team, Kim Green and Hal Humphreys, two interesting, talented people who are the managing editor and executive editor of the online investigations magazine Pursuit Magazine.  This periodical is another useful resource for writers wanting to learn more about private investigations, security, bail enforcement and more.  This past year, Pursuit Magazine posted my article “P.I.s, Pretexting and the Law: Tips for Crime Writers” — to read it, click here.