PI Magazine estimates 15% of U.S. private investigators are women

P.I. Magazine estimates 15% of U.S. private investigators are women

Despite the thousands of private investigators throughout the U.S. (P.I. Magazine estimates there to be approximately 60,000), and the wide variety of specializations (from insurance investigators to accident reconstruction specialists to pet detectives), many people still view private investigators as Sam Spade clones.  Meaning, they’re men, they’re tough, they carry heat, they talk like Bogie.

Ah, the lasting allure of noir.

Busting a Few Myths

Just as not all school teachers or plumbers or attorneys are tough, not all private investigators are tough. You know, tough in the “When a man’s partner is killed, he’s supposed to do something about it,” mold (Sam Spade quote, for those curious).

Unlike the Sam Spade myth, today's P.I. doesn't swill whiskey and pack heat

Unlike the Sam Spade myth, today’s P.I. doesn’t swill whiskey and carry a sap

But if we’re talking tough in terms of being a successful business person (handling day-to-day business, managing clients and subcontractors, making more money coming in than going out), then yes, qualified, experienced private investigators are tough.  Carrying guns?  Some private investigators do, many don’t.  And although most P.I.s are men, P.I. Magazine estimates 15 percent, and that number is growing, are women.

What Is the World of a Female Investigator Like?

In a recent issue of PI Magazine, the author of the article was listed as one of the “new wave” of women private investigators, so I suppose I have a good idea of what it’s like to be surfing in today’s P.I. waters. I’ve never thought of myself as a shrinking violet, but I’ve certainly become more assertive, sometimes even fearless, in my work. Occasionally people still assume I’m the agency secretary, not its president, but I’m happy to say those assumptions occur less and less. I have excellent business relationships with my fellow P.I.s, both men and women, and I’ve never met a male P.I. yet who doesn’t treat me like a peer.  And for the record, I don’t carry a gun, but I know women P.I.s who do.

I’m friends with several women private investigators who work in other states.  Our friendships came about when either they hired me or I hired them. One was a crime reporter before taking over her father’s, a former FBI special agent’s, P.I. agency. Another is the president of a fast-paced, high-profile agency.

What do I love about the work? I love research. Love digging for evidence. Really love finding the clue, the missing piece, the proof that solves a case. After a few violent encounters, I no longer accept process service requests, and I’m getting to the point where I’d rather poke a stick in my eye than sit on a lengthy surveillance.

What Other Women Think About Being Private Eyes

Below is a sampling of articles about women private investigators.  Click a link to read the story.

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The author and her husband were featured as the cover story for Westword magazine

The author and her husband were featured as the cover story for Westword magazine

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Last, thanks to Thrilling Detective, here’s a listing of the fictional female PIs in literature: Dangerous Dames: A Timeline of Some of the Significant Female Eyes, and the Date of Their First Appearance

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