There are numerous techniques PIs use for finding missing persons, including trash hits

Last April, my husband-investigations-partner (and now an attorney) and yours truly presented several workshops at the Pikes Peak Writers Conference in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado (at the foot of Pikes Peak).  One of our workshops was Finding Missing Persons 101.  Below are several of our workshop slides from this presentation focusing on the technique of “trash hits,” which pretty much is exactly what it sounds like.  Keep in mind this is only one technique of many for locating missing persons.

Trash Hits: Not for the Faint of Heart...or Nose


How a Strand of Dental Floss Solved a Famous Paternity Case


Legalities of Trash Hits, Part I


Types of Cases We've Solved Via Trash Hits


Legalities of Trash Hits, Part 2


How Does a PI Know If a Trash Hit Is Legal?