It’s great to wake up and find several readers loved your book.  Not only loved it, but took the time to write reviews, too.  One reviewer, mystery writer Nancy Wood, had informed me she’d be posting a review.  The other was a surprise.

I’ll excerpt Nancy Wood’s review below.

Fast-paced and well-written.  5 stars.

THE ZEN MAN by Colleen Collins is a tightly-written fast-paced mystery. It’s fun to read: from the cover to the chapter heads, it’s stylized, smart, and sassy, making for an engaging read. Rick Levine, the Zen Man, is a disbarred criminal defense attorney turned PI who’s been clean and sober for five years. His girlfriend, Laura, purchased a lodge outside of Denver and turned it into a B&B. For the grand opening, they’re hosting the Colorado Criminal Defense Association’s annual retreat. Fifty-five attorneys are due, and the first one to appear is Rick’s ex-wife, affectionately known as Wicked.

When Wicked is found dead in one of the natural hot pools, Rick is the primary and the only suspect. But he claims innocence, and when Laura posts bail by putting up the lodge, Rick knows he has to find the culprit. As soon as he makes bail, he and Laura start the investigation by interviewing as many of the attendees as they can, from crooked attorneys to those with shady pasts to a judge with something to hide. There are a lot of suspects to choose from, but the police always seem to prefer Rick.

What pulls this mystery a cut above is that it’s clearly written by someone who knows her PI stuff. And her Zen masters, from the Buddha to Jerry Garcia to Nick Charles (The Thin Man). Rick is a complicated man, tormented by demons that he used to keep in check with drugs and alcohol. Now he turns to mantras and root beer for solace.

To read the full review, click here.  Reviewer Nancy Wood is the author of Due Date.

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“A must have for any writer serious about crafting authentic private eyes. Collins knows her stuff.”
– Lori Wilde, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author

“Real-life private investigator Colleen Collins spills the beans.”
~The Thrilling Detective

“Let’s just say the technology of the Kindle Fire takes this book to a new level, giving you insight on how to do deep searches, purchasing spy equipment, and links to must know web sites and blogs to give you the inside scoop of being a PI.” ~ Kipp Poe Speicher