Colleen Collins has written dozens of articles about private investigations, some exclusively for investigators, others geared to writers writing PI characters/stories, and some for people interested in private investigations in general. A few of those articles are listed here.

Private Detectives and Bounty Hunters: Similarities and Differences” for Savvy Writers

“My Son Is Missing” (co-authored with Shaun Kaufman) for Defrosting Cold Cases

“The Black Heart of White-Collar Crime” (co-authored with Shaun Kaufman) for Mystery Author Elizabeth Spann Craig

“A Mysterious Blonde and a Missing Quarter Million Dollars” on Guns, Gams and Gumshoes

“Answering Writers’ Questions About Private Detectives: Stalking Charges and Credit Card Records” on Guns, Gams and Gumshoes

“Six Research Tips for Writing a Private Detective Character” on

And then sometimes articles have been written about Colleen and her husband…

“The Plot Thickens: In the Case of These Husband-and-Wife Private Eyes, Truth Is More Fun Than Fiction” by Melanie Asmar for Westword