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People Usually Weigh 50 Pounds More…

Than the number they put on their drivers’ licenses. That was one of the first things I learned, and probably think about more than I should.

This hanging out with coroners all started when my husband and I received…

An Invitation to Be Keynote Speakers

My husband and I […]

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“He looked about as inconspicuous as a tarantula on a slice of angel food.” ~Raymond Chandler

To celebrate Raymond Chandler’s birthday (July 23, 1888), here are some recipes inspired by the writer called “the icon of noir fiction” by the L.A. Times.

Apparently nobody has created an angel food cake […]

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I love private eye characters, stories and film as much as the next guy or gal, but sometimes I groan out loud when a writer doesn’t bother to do a bit of research to add at least a whiff of realism to a private investigator’s actions. After co-owning a PI agency and having […]

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One thing we’ve learned at our investigations agency is to never provide details about an investigation task to clients until after the task is completed. Years ago we learned that lesson the hard way when an overly emotional client spilled the beans about a surveillance to the subject of that surveillance, which not only killed the investigation […]

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Some people claim ghosts haunt certain old hotels, such as The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado, where Stephen King first brainstormed The Shining. Another supposedly haunted hotel in Colorado is the House of Mirrors in Denver, which was once the parlor of a famous madam. Then there’s stories of Frank Sinatra’s ghost partying with the Rat […]

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Tips for Finding Lost Pets

On September 12, 2016 By

A Pet Is Lost Every Two Seconds

I recently read that in the US, a family pet is lost every two seconds. That’s astounding, and yet within our own neighborhood we see lost pet signs posted nearly every week. According to the National Humane Society and the National Council of Pet Population Study and Policy, […]

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The Thin Man TV Series

Most people know about The Thin Man novel and movie series, but did you also know there was a TV series by the same name?  The Thin Man TV series ran from September 20, 1957 to August 28, 1959 on NBC via MGM-TV, MGM’s attempt to get into television.

The comedy-mystery […]

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The following excerpt is from our book A Lawyer’s Primer for Writers: From Crimes to Courtrooms, which ran in the September issue of First Draft, the national Sisters in CrimeGuppies newsletter. […]

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There are some wonderful online books that offer useful information for mystery, suspense and thriller writers, and best of all they’re free. Such as the following book that offers a comprehensive overview on fingerprints.

The Fingerprint Sourcebook (2011)

This 422-page manual, published by the National Institute of Justice, originated in 2002 when a […]

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In A Lawyer’s Primer for Writers: From Crimes to Courtrooms, we cover a variety of topics, including the history of trials, players in the courtroom, jury experts, types of lawyers, lawyers and technology, trial preparation for civil and criminal trials, and much more.

Today, […]

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