The following excerpt is from the chapter on private investigators, many of whom work with attorneys, from the nonfiction book A Lawyer’s Primer for Writers: From Crimes to Courtrooms. Below are three writers’ questions & our answers about PIs, lawyers and the police.

Are PIs and Cops Compatible?

We see PI-cop conflicts all the time in books, TV […]

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The 1949 classic film Adam’s Rib starred Katharine Hepburn, Spencer Tracy, Judy Holliday and Tom Ewell. George Cukor, a close friend of Hepburn and Tracy, directed this courtroom comedy about husband and wife attorneys (Spencer and Hepburn) who are on opposite sides of a criminal prosecution: Hepburn is defending a woman who shot her husband; Tracy is the […]

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With the current frenzy of politicians vying to be nominees for the Republican and Democratic parties’ bids for the presidency, I’m sharing a post about a job I had in 1979 when I accidentally fell into the midst of Ronald Reagan’s inner circle, who later became his first cabinet. This was on the eve of […]

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As it’s the last few days before Christmas, below is a virtual basket of goodies.  Happy holidays!

Free App: 101 Christmas Cake Ideas (for iPhone, iPad, iPod)

Free App: Christmas Radio (for Android)

Free App: Santa’s Bag – Christmas List (for iPhone, iPad, iPod)

Free App: TripIt – […]

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Today I’m sharing a book excerpt from my current nonfiction book Secrets of a Real-Life Female Private Eye, which I’m happy to say has remained on several of Amazon’s Kindle Store’s bestseller lists since the book launched in August […]

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Besides being a novelist in the romance, mystery and nonfiction genres, I’m also a private investigator.  This is a story about one of my P.I. cases that challenged my investigative skills, was littered with clues and red herrings like a mystery, and ended as a star-crossed lovers’ tale.

Hired to Find a Long-Ago […]

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Secrets of a Real-Life Female Private Eye
by Colleen Collins

A nonfiction, no-holes-barred, modern-day story about life in the female PI fast lane

Today I’m posting an excerpt from Secrets of a Real-Life Female Private Eye by Colorado criminal defense attorney Shaun Kaufman, managing partner, Shaun Kaufman Law, as well […]

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Today I’m sharing some links where crime writers give online master classes about different facets of crime-fiction writing–for free!–followed by a handful (or should I say a bloody handful?) of true crime websites.

Free Online Master Classes in Crime Fiction Writing

The online UK paper The Telegraph offers a series of master […]

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(Below is an excerpt from my article “P.I.s, Pretexting, and the Law: Tips for Crime Writers,” posted July 26, 2013, at Pursuit Magazine, the magazine for professional investigators)


“To tell the truth, I lied a little.”

~Private eye Jake Gittes in Chinatown

The private eye genre has long been a favorite for writers, […]

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“As an experienced private detective and a skilled storyteller, Colleen Collins is the perfect person to offer a glimpse into the lives of real female P.I.s”
~Kim Green, managing editor of Pursuit Magazine: The Magazine of Professional Investigators

“SECRETS OF A REAL-LIFE FEMALE PRIVATE EYE is a research must-have.”
~Holly Jacobs, award-winning […]

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