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People Usually Weigh 50 Pounds More…

Than the number they put on their drivers’ licenses. That was one of the first things I learned, and probably think about more than I should.

This hanging out with coroners all started when my husband and I received…

An Invitation to Be Keynote Speakers

My husband and I […]

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Besides being a novelist in the romance, mystery and nonfiction genres, I’m also a private investigator.  This is a story about one of my P.I. cases that challenged my investigative skills, was littered with clues and red herrings like a mystery, and ended as a star-crossed lovers’ tale.

Hired to Find a Long-Ago […]

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The Zen Man was a mystery recommendation in the current The Indie Voice newsletter, a new site by 10 New York Times bestselling authors who “dish on books, writing and more.”

I’m particularly pleased because the recommendation was written by one of my favorite authors, Dorien Kelly, a New York […]

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Lots going on this week, from a lovely review of The Zen Man to the best private detective blogs of 2012.

5 Star Review of THE ZEN MAN by MacKenzie Brown

Super review from MacKenzie Brown on Goodreads:

A fantastic read from start to finish. Reminded me a great deal of the […]

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It’s great to wake up and find several readers loved your book.  Not only loved it, but took the time to write reviews, too.  One reviewer, mystery writer Nancy Wood, had informed me she’d be posting a review.  The other was a surprise.

I’ll excerpt Nancy Wood’s review below.

Fast-paced and […]

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Besides working as a private investigator, I love reading the private eye genre.  And there’s plenty of wonderful writers out there crafting compelling stories featuring private eye protagonists.  I should know — for the last four years I’ve been honored to be a judge for the Private Eye Writers of America, and in […]

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Today I’m sharing some slides from a presentation my PI-lawyer-husband and I gave last April at the Pike’s Peak Writer’s Conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  For this presentation, we gave a “big picture” view of skip tracing to help writers craft scenes where their private investigators/sleuths need to track someone.

Below are a […]

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Today I’m sharing some slides from a presentation my husband-PI-partner and I gave last April at the Pikes Peak Writers Conference.  The conference took place in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado, which over the last few weeks has been devastated by fires.  A mystery writer we know lost her home in that fire, and […]

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Last April, my husband-investigations-partner (and now an attorney) and yours truly presented several workshops at the Pikes Peak Writers Conference in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado (at the foot of Pikes Peak).  One of our workshops was Finding Missing Persons 101.  Below are several of our workshop slides from this presentation focusing […]

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A popular image of the private eye in books and films is the love-’em-and-leave-’em shamus (be it a man or woman), breaking hearts while cracking a case. Great stuff for Sam Spade, but falling into lust on a whim could get a real-life PI into a heap of trouble. Even if there aren’t legal restrictions, there are often ethical ones.


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